Tomford Oud Wood EDP 10ml

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Elevate your senses with Tom Ford Oud Wood, a fragrance that encapsulates the exotic allure of the East. This captivating scent blends rare oud wood with warm spices and vanilla to create a modern classic. Oud Wood opens with a symphony of spices, evoking the aroma of an ancient Middle Eastern market. As it settles, the rich, woody depth of oud takes center stage, mingling seamlessly with sensual vanilla and amber. The result is a scent that’s both timeless and contemporary, suitable for any occasion. Experience the luxury of Tom Ford Oud Wood and embark on a fragrant journey that’s as exotic as it is sophisticated.

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Brand:Tom Ford

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Tom Ford Oud Wood is the epitome of opulence and sophistication, a fragrance that transports you to the heart of an ancient Middle Eastern bazaar. It begins with an aromatic burst of spices that dance on the senses, a blend that instantly evokes the allure of rare ingredients traded along the Silk Road.

As the fragrance settles, the star of the composition, oud wood, emerges. Oud is a prized and rare ingredient that lends depth and intensity to the scent, exuding an air of timeless luxury. The woody notes of oud are complemented by the sweet warmth of vanilla, which softens the edges and adds a hint of sensuality.

Amber further enriches the fragrance, creating a captivating and lasting trail that lingers in the memory long after you’ve departed. Tom Ford Oud Wood is a modern classic, a harmonious fusion of the traditional and the contemporary, making it the perfect signature scent for the discerning individual.

The bottle design is an embodiment of the fragrance’s opulence. Its clean, minimalist lines and rich, amber-toned glass reflect the brand’s commitment to understated luxury. Tom Ford Oud Wood is not just a fragrance; it’s an experience, a journey to exotic realms of luxury and style. Whether worn for a special occasion or as a daily indulgence, it’s a scent that defines sophistication and leaves an indelible mark.


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